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《Turning Your Game Ideas into iPhone & iPad Apps》电子书下载
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Tap, Move, Shake
Turning Your Game Ideas into iPhone & iPad Apps

The App Store is one of the most innovative ways for an indie developer to publish their ideas to the world. You have probably heard the stories of developers striking it rich from an iPhone game they created in their spare time. Money is certainly a good motivator and why many developers are racing to get their ideas published. Do you have the next big game idea? This book is the complete do-it-yourself guide for anyone wanting to make the journey from game idea to App Store.

I’ve never seen such a widespread interest in creating apps and games than right now. Everyone from full-time professionals to children with iPod touches will stop and ask me the same questions: You have games in the App Store?” “How long does it take to create them?” And the one I hear most, “Can someone like me do it?” It seems as though everybody is interested in creating games for this new platform, but most just don’t know where to start.

My entry into app development began August of 2008 when I started working on BubblePop. It’s a game where you have to quickly pop moving bubbles filled with random numbers, and you have to do it in the correct order. I wanted my first game to be simple enough to quickly teach myself the platform, but challenging enough so my friends who helped test it actually found it fun to play.

When I started, I had no knowledge of the Mac, Xcode, or Objective-C. I also only had nights and weekends to work on my game. At the time, there weren’t any relevant books and what could be found online was more about creating apps for jailbroken iPhones and not the official iPhone SDK. Even though I had a lot of things to learn and a full-time job during the day, I was still able to finish my game in a week.

I plowed my way into the App Store through trial and error. Now it was time to wait. My account and game needed to be approved by Apple. It seemed to take forever. It was torture. The day finally came when all the contracts were approved and my game was given the green light. I felt like a kid on Christmas day. It was an amazing feeling seeing my work published on iTunes and available for the world to purchase.

My goal for creating my first game wasn’t to make a million dollars. It was to learn the platform, create a fun game for my iPhone, and hopefully make enough money to pay for the 24-inch iMac that I just bought. As it turns out, I ended up making much more than that—especially when two of my apps, White Noise and Card Counter, hit the big time. In February of 2009, they were both ranked in the Top 20 overall for paid apps. I felt like I won the lottery when the sales report showed I was making over 10 times my current job salary. This was the moment I decided that my fun little hobby should become my full-time job. I have been creating apps and games ever since. I hope you can do the same.

—Todd Moore

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